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Save Time with Easy Wool Care
Family washing clothes
What Wool Does for You
Wool doesn't stink up your child's bed.
We find that moisture and odor are parents’ big concerns with diapers and diapering accessories. Unless your puddle pad is soiled, you probably won’t notice an odor from urine. Wool’s complex chemistry binds odors until you wash the pad, when those odors are released.
What Wool Does for You
Wool doesn't add extra washing time.
The Easy Way. You don’t need to wash our wool puddle pads and changing mats separately from the rest of your bedding. Some wool products need special care to keep from shrinking. Our wool is already fulled---washed in a way that the wool scales open up, interlock, and shrink back into a tight and water repellant fabric. You could try to abuse your wool puddle pads. We have, just to see what they can take. If you wash them will fuzzy black sweatpants, you might need to pick pills off them, but otherwise, they can take whatever you give them.

A wool blanket can last a generation or more. If you want to take care of your puddle pad to make it last for your children’s children, you could take a few other steps, but they aren’t necessary for your wool mat to work well for you.

How Often. When soiled or every 2-3 weeks if it has been saturated, wash your wool puddle pad on cool or medium with the rest of the wash. If the puddle pad is soiled, you might prefer to do a wool-only load of wash.

Vinegar. Wool, like our hair, is naturally acidic. Cleaning is easier when pH is balanced, so wool is easier to clean in a slightly acidic environment. Most detergents are higher pH than wool itself, so it does help to use vinegar in the cleaning process. In this case, add a cup of white vinegar to the pre-wash then finish the load as usual.

Wool wash. In most cases, though, you won’t need to do serious cleaning of your wool changing mats. For a gentle, basic wash, use a mild woolwash with lanolin. We have used Eucalan woolwash since our children were small, and we still recommend it for our customers.

Lanolin. Though you don’t need to wash wool with lanolin for it to function well, lanolin does help. Lanolin comes from the oil glands of sheep. It is a mixture of wool fat and 25-30% water. Lanolin, when used in moderation, keeps wool fibers soft and pliable, similar to the benefit we get from conditioners for our own hair. This small amount of lanolin renews the water repellant outer coating on the individual fibers. Using too much lanolin could make your wool gummy. It would definitely repel water, but you inhibit the absorbent properties of wool when you use too much lanolin. You don’t need more than is found in wool wash.

Hand wash. If you choose, you can hand wash your wool puddle pad. Use 2 Tablespoons to ¼ cup of Eucalan wool wash in warm water. Soak for 5-10 minutes. Don’t twist or wring the wool. Eucalan requires no rinsing, so just gently squeeze the water out of the wool. Place the mat between layers of cotton towels then roll up the towels and wool tightly to move the water from wool to cotton. To dry, lay the changing pad flat on a dry towel.

Chlorine bleach dissolves wool fibers. Never use chlorine bleach on wool.
What Wool Does for You
Wool gives you peace of mind without taking your time.
You can dry your wool puddle pads with your diapers, your towels, or any other laundry.

The Easy Way. Just dry your puddle pads on hot, on cool, on any setting you are already using for the rest of your wash.

Air Dry Flat. You can use the gentle method of flat drying your changing mat on a cotton towel, but this isn’t required care. If you are going to air dry your wool mat, be sure to gently squeeze out as much water as you can without twisting the wool, which would stretch the fibers and create warps and folds in the fabric.

Hanging to Dry. As long as your wool isn’t so wet that it stretches, you can hang it to dry. If it is too heavy with water, the weight will distort the fabric. Just let it dry flat for a while before you hang to dry.
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