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Let us tell you the story of our favorite diapers. Call this part one, the Family's European Vacation. Before we were the Firefly-Fuzbaby family, when we were just the Fuzbaby family, we were to spend ten days on the coast in England--a particularly damp climate, where we had access to only a small, European-sized dryer. We took only a dozen diapers with us to Europe for a 1 year old and a nighttime-diapered toddler. We took one dozen Firefly Diapers. Using cloth diapers on the road is not easy, but Firefly Diapers were the only choice we considered because the sizing was so flexible and the diapers were absorbent yet fast-drying. The system worked beautifully. Every morning we washed a small load of diapers before we hit the road. The diapers dried easily in one cycle. We made it through our European vacation with twelve Firefly Diapers and two happy, healthy children.
Firefly Diapers is a sister to Fuzbaby, another diaper manufacturing company. Originally, both were small home businesses selling primarily through the internet and run by mothers who used a little extra time to make a little extra money. Through a web of internet diaper makers, the owners of the two companies became friends early in their business development. They worked together sharing ideas, encouragement, and co-operative materials buying. Firefly Diapers were very well reviewed but were only available in small batches, limited by the amount of time one mother can sew with a small child. The owner of Fuzbaby, Lori Taylor, spent more than a year telling the inventor of Firefly Diapers, Amy Brown, how hers was the best diaper pattern available, suggesting ways she could reach more parents with Firefly Diapers.
Then, the owner of Fuzbaby jumped at the chance to become the owner of Firefly Diapers and grow the company, doing exactly what she suggested all along and making Firefly Diapers widely available. Now, Firefly Diapers is a small company committed to offering responsible diapering basics along with tools & information toward balanced living. Firefly Diapers are still made with the same great pattern and in more sizes. We added a wool diaper cover, Firefly Easy Wool, made especially to fit over Firefly Quick Dry Diapers. And in keeping with our commitment to offer "Just the Basics, Just the Best," we have added a few quality diapering accessories.
Do you have a Firefly Story? Tell us. We would love to hear it.
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