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Why do you want to use cloth diapers on your baby?
There is no one best choice in cloth diapering. What works best for you depends in large part on why you choose cloth and what you need the diapers to do. Do you have particular needs you need to address? Click below to jump to some quick facts to help you decide your best diaper choice.
  • Flat Diapers can be a frugal solution. They are less expensive because they require the least labor and use resources most efficiently. You will also be able to use the same diapers folded in different ways as your child grows.
  • Found Diapers . Why not use old all cotton T-shirts or flannel shirts, even socks as diapers? There is no need for cutting, sewing, or pins if you choose a fitted cover.
  • Sew Your Own Diapers . With a minimum of experience, you can choose from the world of possibilities to sew diapers. Start with a few of our Diapering Resources.
  • Elimination Communication . If you tune in to your child's needs and cues, you will learn when s/he is ready to eliminate. You may even find a local support group.
It's Easy
  • Fitted Diapers are quick to slip on Baby. No tabs, pins, or extras. No doublers even necessary for most babies.
  • Home Washing diapers will require only 2-3 extra loads of wash a week. We include washing suggestions with all of our products.
  • Firefly Quick Dry Diapers, our fitted diapers, dry so quickly that drying is a breeze, too.
  • Always Available . You won't need to run to the store to buy cloth diapers. They are right there waiting for you--or for your washing machine.
  • Plastic? If plastic--plastic snaps, and other polymers, including polyester elastic--are a concern to you, try flat diapers. There is nothing but organic fabric and organic cotton thread used to make them.
  • Organic Diapers and Diaper Covers . Especially with cotton, which can be an agriculturally intense crop, it is best to choose organic. See our Organic Resources.
  • Hemp Diapers . Hemp requires the least care in the field, the least pest control. Because hemp fibers come from the stalks of the plant, the yield is far greater per acre than cotton. So, why don't we offer hemp diapers? Read on.
Cloth Diapers Keep Baby Cooler
  • Fitted Diapers . During the summer, let Baby wear a fitted diaper without a cover. Change the diaper when you notice the wetness starting to show.
  • Wool Covers . Because wool breathes, it is cooler than laminated and other moisture-proof fabrics--and much cooler than plastic diapers. The reputation may be hot, but the reality is cool.
  • No Diaper at All? Try Elimination Communication.
Longest Lasting
  • Flat Diapers . Use the same diapers as Baby grows. Fold differently, add doublers when needed. Where fitted diapers sometimes develop stress points, such as stitching lines, where the diapers wear over time, flat diapers are less likely to show wear.
Need Diapers that Will Air Dry?
  • Flat Diapers . The two layers of French terry in Firefly flat diapers dry quickly. Sunshine can act as your natural bleach to eliminate stains on diapers, too.
  • Firefly Quick Dry Diapers will dry nearly as quickly as flat diapers, which is exactly why they are called Quick Dry Diapers. The daytime weight diapers have no more than two layers in any part.
  • Wool Covers dry very well in the open air. You can gently shape the wool to keep their roundness.
Need Covers for Diaper Service or Flat Diapers?
  • Fastened Diapers? Use any shape cover you like. A flat diaper fastened with pins or a Snappi fastener should stay on snug.
  • Unfastened Diapers? If you are just folding a diaper inside the cover, you might find that you need a close-fitting cover. Though the Easy Wool diaper cover may work for many, a more tailored cover would work well for nearly all. Or, you might use the trick of using a snap-under T-shirt to keep that diaper from sagging.
Do You Have Multiple Children in Diapers?
  • Twins . By washing twice as often, you may not need extra diapers. A medium load every morning is not as energy efficient, but it could be a cost effective solution.
  • Newborn and Toddler . If you would prefer to use the same diapers on both children, try flat diapers. Fold one up for a Newborn, and use two for a toddler. Read our story about using the same fitted diapers when travelling with a baby and a toddler.
  • Firefly Quick Dry Diapers . If you toss all of your Firefly Quick Dry Diapers into one basket, you will be able to tell the Small from the Large by the colored thread at the edge.
Is Your Child Chemically Sensitive or Allergic?
  • Polymers . Avoid plastic snaps, polyester elastic, even specialty threads. Organic cotton flat diapers sewn with organic cotton thread might be your best choice.
  • Wool . Most wool allergies are actually sensitivity to the chemicals used in the treatment process. Though our regular wool for Easy Wool covers is only minimally treated, it is not organic. If you need a sample to test against skin, we would be happy to send a swatch. Try organic Easy Wool diaper covers.
  • Dyes . Natural is beautiful. Avoid dyed diapers and covers. Though we use low-impact, fiber reactive dyes, some few people may still react to them.
  • Natural Organic diapers and covers are probably your best diaper choice. Consider your child's specific case. If you have questions, please be sure to ask.
Is Your Baby Wiggly or On the Run?
  • Fitted Diapers are easy to change on the run. Good luck with the cover. If your baby isn't going to be dressed, you may not need a cover--except for those strong babies who are curious about snaps. Don't forget to check for a snug fit to avoid leaks.
Is Your Baby Breastfed?
  • Fitted Diapers . Most breasfed babies, especially newborns, have loose bowel movements. A fitted diaper can help contain messes.
Are You Confused by Too Many Choices?
  • Checklists . We've created a list of what you might need in particular circumstances. Checklists of diapers, covers, and accessories take the guess work out of building your diapering system. You will very soon be the expert.
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