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At Firefly Diapers, we offer more than just our favorite diapering products. We all make our diapering choices for a reason. We offer you information to help you make your own reasoned choices.
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Washing Diapers Is Easy . Some toss all diapers in a dry pail, some soak and rinse. Once you have some diaper washing experience, you will know exactly which method is right for you. Read On
What Is All the Fuss about Hemp? Have you heard about recent U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency efforts to ban certain uses of industrial hemp? Why this fuss about this excellent weed? Read On
You Can't Duplicate Natural Fibers . Petroleum. That's oil. This is the raw material of many synthetic fibers. No matter how closely petroleum products can be made to mimic natural fibers, they can never actually absorb. And isn't that, after all, what you want your diaper fibers to do? Read On
What Does Fair Trade Have to Do with Diapers? Are you seeking social sustainability in addition to environmental sustainability? When you consider all of the labor that goes into the goods you use for your baby, you may want to choose products carefully. Read On
Buy Local . Wouldn't you like to strengthen local ties? There may be a diapermaker near you. Seek her out. She has experience to share. Read On
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