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Tiny Diapers for Tiny Babies: Extra Small for Preemies

Firefly Diapers Extra Small for PreemiesSo tiny they fit in your hand.

Quite a few years ago, before the diaper manufacturing adventure, a friend of mine gave birth to her baby more than four months premature. He was healthy, but she ran into one problem that she passed on to me: find diapers because nothing fits.

The two of us had lived on the same street and cloth diapered our first babies together using exactly the same flat diapers. She knew I would get diapers she would like. I figured, how difficult could it be? Finding preemie cloth diapers was difficult. I found no fitted diapers, no flat diapers, and in the end I produced a pile of wash cloths as diapers for her 4-lb baby. The wash cloths worked, though the covers were much too big.

Once I began designing cloth diapers, I knew I needed a size small enough for a premature baby. The Firefly Diapers Extra Small is the result.

If you are looking for tiny organic cotton diapers for the tiniest babies, try:

Babies from 5 lbs to a skinny 10-lb 5-month old have fit Extra Small diapers well. Some full-term newborn babies will fit Extra Small, but the size was designed primarily for preemies. For sizing details, please see our measurement chart to find the best fit.

Do you leave diapers in the pail more than a day? Try Foaming Action Biokleen Bac-Out spray, a live enzyme cleaner that breaks down waste on cloth diapers.

Firefly Quick Dry Organic Diaper Sizing Chart
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