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Firefly Quick Dry Stack
Firefly Quick Dry Diapers combine the extreme convenience of well-fitting diapers with wings (soaker pads that fly open) to help them dry in one short cycle. Particularly soft Organic Cotton made in USA. Natural color, snap closures, five sizes distinguished by colored thread.
Out of stock, but working on it!
Made in USA
Made with
100% organic cotton
Extra Small, $18
Small, $20 each
Medium, $20 each
Large, $20 each
Extra Large, $24 each
Buy 5, get $1 off per diaper
Cloth diapering is easy with fitted diapers. Cloth diapers save energy at every point on the chain from raw resources to production to disposal.
I love these diapers. Firefly Quick Dry Diapers are the reason I believe in the Firefly company and the reason I want you to believe in the Firefly company. Read about what I love so much about these diapers and why.
Trim under clothes. Not bulky.
Particularly adjustable with back gathers.
Simple. No other pieces to find or loose during a quick change.
Quick on and off, with snap closures.
Absorbent. With wings folded, diaper has 6 layers of fleece.
Quick drying. When wings unfold, there are no more than two layers in any one part of the diaper.
Environmentally friendly fabrics: 100% certified organic cotton knit.
Open Quick Dry DiaperOpen Quick Dry Diaper again
Quick Dry wings fold under baby to give maximum absorbency where it is needed. The wings (soaker pads) open up on the line or in the dryer for quick drying.
Extra Small Firefly Quick Dry Diaper
Snap Closures of durable plastic resin make Firefly Quick Dry Diapers quick and easy to secure around a wiggly baby.
Adjustability makes Firefly Quick Dry Diapers and Easy Wool covers adaptable to many shapes and sizes of babies.
Many babies will need only Small and Large for most of their diapering career. Medium will sometimes see a baby out of diapers. This Extra Small diaper, for a preemie or small newborn, has fewer snaps for the baby who moves little. And Extra Large works well for very large toddlers or for those who prefer a high rise diaper on a big baby.
Quick Dry Diapers open to show size
Colored Thread at the edges of Firefly Quick Dry Diapers help you to recognize quickly the size of the diaper. Consider the build of your baby as well. Check measurements.

Extra Small, approx 0-3 mos.
Small, approx 1-12 mos.
Medium, approx 4-24 mos.
Large, approx 6-36 mos.
Extra Large, approx 12-48 mos.
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