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Wool Puddle Pad
Potty Training Puddle Pad
Is potty training leaving your child with a wet mattress? Keep the bed and your child dry without discomfort with a wool puddle pad.

Our fine wool potty training pad is soft and comfortable even when your child sleeps directly on it. Your child will stay dry as the microclimate between body and mattress is regulated through the structure of the wool fibers. Wool’s outer scales and the fabric’s tight weave make our puddle pads moisture resistant, while the hollow inner structure of the fiber absorbs moisture vapor, staying dry to the touch even after absorbing up to 35% of its dry weight.

The chemistry of wool fibers and lanolin also resists odors naturally. Just wash every 2-3 weeks.

Crib size wool puddle pad. 26” x 48” x 1/8”.
Grown & Woven in the USA
Made in USA
100% wool

Our wool is Cradle to Cradle certified

In stock!

Crib Size Puddle Pad, $120

Sleeping baby

Your choices

Wool knit does not give you the loft you need for air circulation and insulation.

Hand-felted wool is gorgeous but far too difficult to care for when all you need is a simple, absorbent puddle pad.

Our woven and fulled wool is thick enough that it allows air circulation between your baby and the mattress.

The standard crib size is 30" x 54". Our puddle pad reaches to within a couple of inches of the edges of the bed to keep it smooth under your child.

Wool Potty Training Puddle Pad

Our Amazing Wool

We use wool that is grown, spun, and woven in the U.S.

Crade to Cradle certified Silver

The wool we use in our puddle pads is Cradle to Cradle(CM) certified. This certification involves looking at a product's eco-efficiency in five areas:

  • Material Health
  • Material Reutilization
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Stewardship
  • Social Fairness

Wool is a naturally renewable fiber.

Genuine sustainability is important to us, so we are happy to offer this beautiful wool for your baby.

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